A2S Paid Advisory Service


We build investment products and curated stock/ETF portfolios to help our users achieve their financial goals. Our aim is to be the one-stop shop for all investing needs of a retail investor. Over 50 portfolios - from high-volatility, pure-equity strategies to low-volatility, asset allocation models, are currently managed by us. We use data, fundamental analysis, and mathematical models while assessing sectors, companies, and various asset classes. This makes our approach cautious, yet ambitious! While data and algos help drive our decisions, our analysts step in when the machines fail. With their experience and eye for detail, we were able to avoid companies like Yes Bank, Manpasand Beverages, etc which looked good on the outside but were ultimately proved to be wealth destroyers.

Value and Momentum

Positive momentum stocks are available at a discount along with diversification benefits of gold & debt.

📌Key Features Of Portfolio-
1) Blend of Long Term Winners (60%) with Tactical Bets (40%)

2) Well Diversified Portfolio Comprising Of Large, Mid, And Small-Cap Companies.

📍How to Invest In this Basket

⏳Option: One-Time Investment
Min Amount: 5Lakh- 10Lakh
Top, Up Min Rs.1Lakh & In Multiples of Rs. 1Lakh
Subscription Mode: Fixed Fee Model

📈Charges Of Prime Portfolio Subscription
25% Performance Fees On Net Profit.

💰Here's How It Works
Invested Amount: Rs.10,00,000 And After The Subscription: Rs 1,00,000 Net Profit
(Within 1 Quarter)

Your Fees Will Be 25% of the Net Profit I.e Rs. 25,000.
On 1Lakh, And the rest Is in Your Pocket.

For More Enquiry:
Mr. Manish Sunil Thole

Phone: 7777067760
Email: manish@alpha2sigma.com


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